Survivors Club / A new BC Tradition

The old adage “A Benedictine Man Needs No Introduction” has never been questioned in the Savannah community. From all walks of life Benedictine graduates have had a positive impact throughout the Savannah landscape. This unique fraternity continues to intrigue outsiders that will never understand the foundation that continues to bring all of us back to “The Campus”. A great group of “BC Men” have come together to make sure that this fraternity continues to grow and we never forget the roots where it all started.

On April 8th, 2002, three of our outstanding alumni came together and started what is now known as the “Survivors Club”. S.T. McTeer, Herbie Griffin, the late Frank Finocchiaro wanted a way to bring their classmates together to look back and remember a better time when life was centered around the Bull Street campus. The initial classes represented were 1938 to 1944. Lunch and reminiscing set the meeting tone. It wasn’t long before the word got out and the membership was expanded to include other classes. The one stipulation was that all new members had to have attended school on the original campus at 34th and Bull. Members can bring guest and there is always a guest speaker from the school to give updates surrounding activities on, and away from, the campus. The meetings are set for the 2nd Monday of the even months of the year. At this time, Johnny Harris Restaurant hosts the luncheon meeting with an outstanding buffet for all to enjoy. Door prizes and gift certificates are part of the agenda. 

Five years ago there was a change of command at the top. Charlie Moore and Henry Hall took over the day to day duties associated with the club. Charlie, and S.T. McTeer, offered all the background information about the club and Henry furnished the pictures taken from recent meetings. Through their efforts over 200 letters are generated the week before the next meeting to make sure everyone is reminded to show up and enjoy the day. Not only local alumni participate. Charlie said, “We have members that will travel in from many locations including Atlanta, Milledgeville, and Greenville, SC to enjoy the fellowship, the outstanding lunch, and the opportunity to catch up with old classmates”.

So if you get a call from a member to attend the Survivor Club luncheon accept it and get ready for a memorable day with friends. 

I can promise that when the call goes out to “Come Fall in Line” the Survivors Club Members will be at the front of the line.

Joe Herb 
Class of ‘70